Do You Have a Washer That Moves And Shakes? 


Here is your guide to getting things fixed!

As soon as your washing machine starts the spin cycle, it starts to rattle. You can’t even imagine how bad that can be. Whether you have a top-of-the-line washing machine or not, your dependable device will eventually break down. And as the owner, it is your job to address the problem before it increases and causes harm to nearby things. You can do it yourself or call in a professional washer technician.

Your Repair Manual

Here are some things to check.

  • Begin with the leveling legs on your washer. The unit will have more room to move about throughout each spin cycle if they’re uneven. We recommend placing the device on a flat and level surface to help it stop moving and wobbling.
  • It is also recommended that you inspect the rubber cushions under the feet of the unit to make sure they are not worn out and repair them if necessary.

Issues with Suspension and Tub Springs

The purpose of the suspension spring is either to suspend the tub assembly from the cabinet or to stabilize the tub assembly with the washer base accordingly. As the device rotates, it absorbs the vibrations of the laundry basket. Its constant use can cause these springs to stretch, detach, or even collapse. This can result in excessive noise and unusual, unexplained vibrations. Technicians will remove the top of the front panel to inspect the suspension springs, and if they are disconnected or strained, they will be properly fastened.

The Tub Strap Is Dampened

Top-loading washing machines often use damping belts to provide some cushioning of the tub movements during the spin cycle. There are four belts attached to the tub in each corner of the cabinet. Over time and with constant use, these belts will stretch/damage. When this happens, the tub makes contact with the cabinet during each spin cycle, causing the washer to shake or move. In rare cases, it may also make a loud banging sound. If not taken care of, continued use will increase the load on it, leading to more noise.

Qualified washing machine repair specialists will remove the top of the machine to gain access to the worn belts and expertly replace them. If you prefer, he can replace all four belts at the same time to ensure optimal performance.

The Shock Absorber Has Issues

Shock absorbers, also known as struts, are attached to the mainframe and outer tub of all front-loading washing machines. When the effectiveness of the shock absorbers decreases, the load becomes unbalanced, causing the shock absorbers to wobble or shift. During each spin cycle, this is accompanied by a loud banging sound. The issue must be resolved accurately and quickly. Otherwise, all the components of the device can be damaged.


But there is no need to worry. True professionals will check everything out and troubleshoot. So, if you’re seeking a dependable firm that provides washing machine repair near me, we propose Appliance Repair Expert – it’s a name you can trust.

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