What is the Employee of the year award, and why do you need it?


If you have a company with employees, you may want to implement an annual Employee of the Year Award ceremony. That’s because rewarding employees for outstanding job performance would help you to create a happy and productive workforce that would want to remain in your employment. A custom trophy presented each year is just what you need to make all of this happen.

What is an Employee of the Year award?

An Employee of the Year Award is a trophy of some sort along with, perhaps, a certificate and some other goodies that you present to the year’s star employee. The items you give to the winning employee show him or her that you are very proud of how that person demonstrated the criteria you’d set as a performance goal for your organization. The award is generally always presented during a ceremony at the end of each year. Holding the ceremony at the very end of every year sets the tone for the upcoming year. Rewarding the employee publicly is part of the overall reward. Public recognition gives the person a sense of pride, as well as an incentive to keep up the good work.

What forms do Awards Come in?

An Employee of the Year Award generally consists of a customized trophy, at the very least. You may also give a certificate of appreciation, cash, and/or a practical gift to the employee. Custom trophies would be the most meaningful awards you could give to your star employees over the years. Customizing a trophy to each year’s winner would make the honor more valuable and the ceremony more memorable to the recipient than a generic trophy that gets passed around would. The star employee would proudly display his personalized trophy in his or her work area, and that would further incentivize coworkers.

Your company’s yearly trophy/award can be made from metal, acrylic, glass, crystal, or some other material. It could even be customized by you right down to its basic design. Just explain to an awarded designer what you’ve got in mind. He’ll create a digital version of it as you watch and work with you until you approve the digital proof. You’ll then leave and await the arrival of your order. Meanwhile, factory workers working to a schedule would create your masterpiece.

Why Does Your Company Need an Employee of the Year award?

Awards are presented during a formal ceremony or at least in front of all the company’s workers. Naturally, the immediate purpose of the ceremony is to publicly recognize the year’s best-performing employee and give that person the award and other coveted items. However, in the long run, rewarding employees publicly helps your business. There are many employees who consider peer praise to be extremely motivating. That means that most of your crew would be motivated to up their game during the next year, and the winner would be motivated to keep up the good work.

This yearly ceremony will, quite effortlessly and automatically, groom your workforce to become the ideal group of employees you have in mind for your business. If you’ve created a content workforce and your employees deal with the public, your employees will likely keep your customers happy as well. Happy customers return to your business and purchase more of what you have to offer them. Outstanding individual performance and a good attitude will propel your business forward.

Inner Qualities Your Award Could Encourage

Soft skills you’ll notice about the person with the “it factor” would include things like work attitude, influence, emotional intelligence, communication skills, personality, and social experience. These skills complement the more measurable hard skills, which are learned through work experience. The individual would be professional, innovative, and willing to learn. He or she would do the work at hand with integrity and honesty and would demonstrate a positive attitude and problem-solving skills. Additionally, that special employee would encourage teamwork and would be generous with their time.


Workforce cravings for both public praise and a meaningful award would serve to benefit your business in the long run. Presenting a custom trophy at an Employee of the Year Award ceremony is precisely the year-end exercise that would make everybody happy.

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