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Which of the Scary FNAF characters is your favorite? Springtrap and Jeremy are my names. Five Nights at Freddy‘s is a fantastic game to enjoy with family and friends. The number of characters throughout the game of Five Nights at Freddy’s is the only thing that makes me shake my head. No one, including myself, could keep track of them until I compiled this unique list of all FNAF characters.

Are you completely perplexed by all of the FNAF characters? We know other characters’ names are circulating in the Five Nights at Freddy’s shady case files. Five Nights at Freddy’s is an unnerving video game franchise that incorporates a large number of unique FNAF characters. All of the odd FNAF characters have their own mythology and significance in the dark, tangled narrative. Keeping track of all of these characters might be tough.

There’s good news! I’ve compiled a list of the most noteworthy FNAF characters at the Updated time. My hungry player, the journey awaits you, so don’t forget your Golden Fred Bear and unique butter collection. Let’s start with the FNAF characters.

Here Is a List Of All FNAF Characters

Characters from Five Nights at Freddy’s from Exposure-dumping sequences and a plethora of YouTube theories make keeping track of a list of characters difficult. There are simply too many FNAF character names to memorise and too little time to do so.

FNAF Characters

Through this detailed guide, you may explore the spooky game of Five Nights at Freddy’s and become a master informant of all FNAF characters. Characters from FNAF Chica, FNAF Foxy, FNAF Springtrap, and everything in between have been included.


Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza has a mascot named Freddy. He’s an animatronic bear who appears in FNAF several times. When Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza first opened in 1983, he was one of the first animatronics. After a child was hurt in 1987 (the ‘bite of ’87), he became Withered Freddy and went bankrupt. In November 1987, Toy Freddy took the position of Withered Freddy at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza. Since then, he’s appeared as an FNAF character in numerous versions, as shown below.

Variation: Golden Freddy/ Fredbear

Appearances: FNAF 2, FNAF 3, FNAF 4, and Ultimate Custom Night are the sequels of FNAF.

Description: Bowtie and purple/black tie on a golden bear

Variation: Freddies

Appearances: Help Is Needed in FNAF 4 and FNAF VR

Description: Miniature plush animatronics in the style of Nightmare Freddy

Variation: Funtime Freddy

Appearances: Ultimate Custom Night at a Sister Location

Description: Wears a black hat, bowtie, and Bonnie hand puppet, wields a microphone, and has speakers on his chest.

Variation: Helpy

Appearances: Simulator of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria

Description: Miniature version of Funtime Freddy that serves as a decorative item.

Variation: Lefty

Appearances: Pizzeria Freddy Fazbear

Description: Rockstar Freddy’s black variant wears a red hat and a bowtie and has one all-black eye.

Variation: Molten Freddy

Appearances: Location Sister

Description: With a brown and white color palette, this scrap monster is constructed out of numerous animatronics, cables, and mechanic eyes.

Variation: Nightmare

Appearances: FNAF 4

Description: Shadow Freddy in a monstrous form. It has black skin, sharp fangs, and crimson eyes, as well as a yellow hat and bowtie.

Variation: Phantom Freddy

Appearances: FNAF 3

Description: Freddy has scorched, yellowish-green fur, white eyes, a missing limb, and wires dangling from his body in a hallucination.

Variation: Rockstar Freddy

Appearances: Pizzeria Freddy Fazbear

Description: Has brown fur, pink cheeks, and Toy Freddy-style joints; has an endoskeleton mouth with four steel bars, a yellow star on the chest, and a metallic purple hat and bowtie.

Variation: Shadow Freddy

Appearances: Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator (FNAF 2, FNAF 3)

Description: Version in black shadow with white scary teeth

Variation: Toy Freddy

Appearances: FNAF 2

Description: Freddy is an upgraded, little, short version of the Toy-like Freddy, complete with opposable joints, a bowtie, and a hat.

Variation: Withered Freddy

Appearances: FNAF 2

Description: Original Freddy Animatronic in a degraded state

Variation: Yenndo

Appearances: Location Sister

Description: Freddy Animatronics’ bare endoskeleton


Bonnie is a computer-controlled bunny. It is the guitarist for Freddy Fazbear’s band and one of his early animatronics. He debuted in 1983, the same year as Freddy, but was replaced by Toy Bonnie in 1987. Spring Bonnie, as we all know, looks a lot like Bonnie. We’ve given Springtrap his own area because of his importance in the game and his various variants. He has appeared in several forms as an FNAF character throughout the series, as listed below:

FNAF Characters

Variation: Nightmare Bonnie

Appearances: FNAF 4

Description: With burnt black fur, a hole in the chest, a scarlet bowtie, and terrible jaws, it’s a monstrous version.

Variation: Rockstar Bonnie

Appearances: Ultimate Custom Night: Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator

Description: Bonnie in a toy form, with blue skin, pink cheeks and knees, a golden star on her breast, a red bowtie, and a red guitar.

Variation: RWQFSFASXC (Shadow Bonnie)

Appearances: FNAF 2, FNAF 3

Description: Toy Bonnie is a mysterious black variant with luminous eyes and white fangs.

Variation: Toy Bonnie

Appearances: FNAF 2

Description: Bonnie has been upgraded with a colorful toy-like structure, blue skin, pink cheeks, and opposable joints.

Variation: Withered Bonnie

Appearances: FNAF 2

Description: Bonnie with a lost limb, shredded outer skin revealing endoskeleton on foot and hand, and a face ravaged by a gaping hole of wiring and red lighting eyeballs.


Chica is one of the most unusually frightening FNAF characters. Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza first featured this terrifying mechanical chicken in 1983. Freddy’s backing vocalist, she frequently wears a bib and carries a cake. She, like the FNAF Fazbear, succumbed to sadness and morphed into a Withered Chica. Toy Chica has taken the position of FNAF Chica. Since then, she’s appeared as a variety of FNAF characters, as listed below.

Variation: Nightmare Chica

Appearances: FNAF 4

Description: Monster version of chica, with razor-sharp fangs and bib-tattered skin, holding a monstrous cupcake

Variation: Phantom Chica

Appearances: FNAF 3

Description: Chica’s shadow form has burnt yellow skin, a missing arm, and an open mouth with white fangs.

Variation: Rockstar Chica

Appearances: Ultimate Custom Night: Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator

Description: Chica and Toy chica crossed; yellow complexion, blue cheeks, pink eyes, and red lipstick; wears a bib with “let’s rock” written on it.

Variation: Toy Chica

Appearances: FNAF 2

Description: Has golden skin, rosy cheeks, long eyelashes, a brightly colored bib, and a cupcake on a plate.

Variation: Withered Chica

Appearances: FNAF 2

Description: Has a wire-replaced missing limb and a crimson beak with two rows of fangs.


Foxy is a one-of-a-kind animatronic who is unquestionably one of the frightening FNAF characters from the original game. From the outset, this FNAF figure looks to be a little battered, with some of its endoskeleton showings. His hand, which resembles a hook, is even more intriguing. He isn’t a member of the initial lineup, which includes Freddy, Chica, and Bonnie. Instead, he plays on the “Kid’s Cove,” a separate stage. After the Bite of ’87, he was replaced by Mangle instead of a toy version, and he became Withered Foxy.

FNAF Characters

Mangle is a horribly injured and damaged fox animatronic that is one of the most terrifying FNAF creatures. The engineers modified it because Foxy’s appearance was too scary. Mangle was torn apart so frequently by children at Kid’s Cove that staff gave up trying to reassemble it, resulting in its broken and scarred appearance.

Various variations of Foxy and Mangle occur throughout the Five Nights at Freddy’s game, as seen below.

Variation: Funtime Foxy

Appearances: Location Sister

Description: With a white, pink, and red design, it’s a cross between a foxy and a mangle; it has green eyes and a speaker on the breast.

Variation: Lolbit

Appearances: Location Sister

Description: Funtime Foxy’s head has been recolored and is now disembodied.

Variation: Mangle

Appearances: FNAF 2

Description: White, pink, and red-colored redesigned foxy with sharp white fangs and various visible endoskeleton components.

Variation: Nightmare Foxy

Appearances: FNAF 4

Description: Monster With shredded fur, exposed legs, and two rows of fangs, this monster version of the classic foxy is a monster.

Variation: Phantom Foxy

Appearances: FNAF 3

Description: Burned ravage foxy hallucination that closely resembles withering version; has suffered more harm with missing body and suit pieces.

Variation: Phantom Mangle

Appearances: FNAF 3

Description: Burned black skin and brilliant white teeth are similar to the original form.

Variation: Rockstar Foxy

Appearances: Simulator of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria

Description: A red foxy with a stylish eyepatch, peg leg, a chest star, and an accordion; a green parrot perched on her shoulder.

Variation: Withered Foxy

Appearances: FNAF 2

Description: Original foxy in a torn, decayed state, with no fur on the ear and a snout that reveals the endoskeleton.


Bonnie is an FNAF character that initially appears in FNAF 3’s night five minigame as the golden animatronic rabbit. Later in the story, he transforms into Springtrap, a self-contained creature that is inhabited by William Afton. Springtrap is a decomposing and withering spring Bonnie suit in which William Afton’s spirit was trapped when his body died. In FNAF 3 and onwards in the series, he is the main antagonist and sole corporeal animatronic.

Variation: Scraptrap

Appearances: Ultimate Custom Night: Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator

Description: Ultimate Custom Night: Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator

Variation: Spring Bonnie

Appearances: FNAF 3, FNAF 4

Description: Golden Bonnie with yellow or green eyes

Variation: Springtrap

Appearances: FNAF 3, FNAF Help Wanted, and Ultimate Custom Night are video games.

Description: Yellow-green variation of the original Bonnie with shredded skin, a missing ear, and a white eyelid that is only half-closed.

FNAF Side Characters

Did you believe this was the end? Certainly not! Aside from the FNAF animatronics, there is a slew of other FNAF characters to be found when playing this strange game. Each of these terrifying FNAF characters has a specific purpose in the franchise. We couldn’t just leave them behind because they’ve had such a big influence on the story and gameplay.

Oh! Before you continue, be aware that there are a number of game spoilers below. So go ahead, but proceed with care!


FNAF Characters

Fazbear and Afton Robotics were co-founded by William Afton. He portrays a serial killer who murdered 12 children in the FNAF series as the main antagonist. He’s one of the most nefarious and malicious FNAF characters, and he’s the one that dragged his company down by injuring strangers, friends, and family.

His appearances in the show’s vintage portions allude to his past and assassinations. After death, he may resurrect in a variety of ways. He possesses the previously stated Springtrap variations.


FNAF Characters

The protagonist of FNAF is Michael Afton, commonly known as Mike Schmidt and Eggs Benedict. He’s either Crying Child’s sibling or Crying Child himself, as he’s William Afton’s son and Elizabeth Afton’s elder brother. In the original FNAF game, the animatronics mistake Michael Afton for his father. Much of what is known about his personality and existence comes from archaic minigames, similar to his family’s FNAF characters, but the Survival Logbook has indications about his passion for painting.

Michael Afton, like his father, avoids death by becoming Ennard’s human host. His main goal is to find his father, however, it’s unclear whether he intends to kill him.


FNAF Characters

Elizabeth Afton is the younger sister of Michael Afton and the daughter of William Afton. She enjoyed all of her father’s creations until she broke his command to stay away from the Circus Baby animatronic, which resulted in her death. When Elizabeth Afton’s ghost possessed her, Circus Baby became cold, violent, and merciless. She was undoubtedly one of the game’s most intriguing FNAF characters.


Henry Emily, who played the Cassette Man in Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator, was a former associate of William Afton who assisted in the creation of the animatronics. Henry Emily is the one who encourages the animatronics to release their souls, damns William Afton, and burns down the building. He is a pivotal FNAF figure who is also responsible for the destruction of the animatronics, including the one William Afton, Michael, and he had. He apologises for not protecting Charlotte Emily and tells her to rest before he dies.


This is another one of the FNAF characters who intrigue me. She was Henry Emily’s daughter, and she was affectionately referred to as Charlie. William Afton was the first to murder a kid, Charlotte. She later took control of the Puppet.


FNAF Characters

William Afton’s quiet, innocent kid, The Crying Child, is harassed by his older brother, Michael Afton. He is the main character in FNAF 4: End-of-Night Mini-Games, as well as the victim of ‘the bite of ’83.’ The original Freddy Fazbear Diner was shuttered and renamed as Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzaria because of this FNAF character. This is one of the reasons why the sobbing child is one of the game’s most popular FNAF characters. He grabbed the Golden Freddy animatronic after the 1983 incident (either alone or alongside Cassidy, one of the other missing children).


FNAF Characters

Vanny was first introduced as the primary character in the minigame FNAF Help Wanted. Later on, she becomes one of the FNAF characters who has been corrupted by GlitchTrap and has become one of its followers. In a patchwork bunny outfit, she looks to be human. She is hesitant to murder at first but grows enraged when she discovers more corruption.


Final Thoughts

That’s all there is to it. The FNAF characters keep me on the edge of my seat and add so much to the game’s appeal. Five Nights at Freddy’s is a fantastic game, and the FNAF characters are even better. Personally, I believe that no matter which FNAF character you look at and discuss, they are all terrifying. But, as my favorite character, I believe Springtrap is the finest of them all; how about you? Who do you think best captures the game’s eerie atmosphere? Is Springtrap the culprit, or is it someone else? Please share your answers in the comments box below.

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