How to Buy Amazon Returns Pallet And Flip Them For a Profit


Customer returns occur in every type of shop. In brick-and-mortar retailers, about 8.89 percent of items are returned, with the percentage rising to at least 30 percent in internet stores. Sellers must prepare for unanticipated shipping and processing costs as a result of the high return rate.

Because of its liberal return policy, Amazon, as one of the world’s largest merchants, sees an average return rate of 5 to 15%. Have you ever considered what happens to these items once they’ve been returned?

You might be shocked to learn that Amazon sellers and stores don’t resell the bulk of these returned items. Instead, they choose to sell them in other ways, which is where Amazon return pallets come in. Here’s all you need to know.

Why Should You Purchase Amazon Return Pallets?

Anyone with a credit card may begin purchasing Amazon return pallets. Some people begin with a few hundred dollars in savings or a line of credit. When it comes to resale, there are a plethora of options. From local flea markets to resale sites like Poshmark, Thredup, OfferUp, and others, the resale sector is booming.

Sourcing these liquidation pallets is an excellent approach to grow your inventory if you’re thinking of establishing a new business or want a side hustle. If it sells on the main market, it’s likely to sell on the secondary market as well. Every day, everything from lawn and garden equipment to clothing, electronics, and health and beauty goods is resold. You may specialize in a certain area or begin with general product pallets to see what works best for you and, ultimately, your clients.

You may also perform a lot of bulk buying to get your hands on a lot of stuff all at once! This makes sense if you have a lot of resale channels set up, operate a cheap business, travel to flea markets frequently, or want to export.

The rapidly rising industry of Amazon returns is no laughing matter, which is why starting your own resale business is a wise option. Given the range of merchandise available on Amazon return pallets, these bundled lots might be a gold mine for you and your resale business.

Where Can You Get Amazon Return Pallets And What Are They For?

Amazon return pallets are simply Amazon pieces that are sold to merchants completely unseen. Appliances, furniture, clothes, accessories, and consumer electronics are common commodities seen on these pallets.

When products are returned to Amazon, a significant portion of them are put onto return pallets, particularly if the merchant exclusively sells new items. The things on these pallets are usually in good shape, and you may easily sell them for a profit.

A return pallet may be purchased via an Amazon liquidation firm that buys these pallets from Amazon. They are usually auctioned off with an “estimated retail value” listed on them.

With Amazon return pallets, there are a few ways that may help you make a lot of money, and these tips and tactics can surely help you get there.


101: How to Buy Amazon Return Pallets and Resell Them for a Profit

It goes without saying that if you want to sell anything, you must first fix it. Unfortunately, the majority of individuals do not go any farther.

Selling a completely wrapped product will get you a lot more money than selling one that is functioning but unboxed.

The majority of goods on Amazon return pallets are either broken packing or are missing all of the necessary components. If you’re selling something, you need to make sure it’s fully functional.

Look on eBay for empty boxes for most items and repackage the goods in high-quality original packaging.


Many people buy malfunctioning computer equipment and sell the pieces for a profit. Doing the opposite, on the other hand, is a fantastic idea. This means that selling things in bundles is a far better way to boost their total worth.

You may even charge up to 25% extra for a fully functional PC. Furthermore, rather than selling your merchandise in pieces, you’ll be able to sell more of it all at once. Bundles are usually more useful than individual goods because you are also saving time for your buyer.


Consumers frequently return electronic devices because the packaging lacks a specified component, such as a charger or headphones. These items may be easily acquired separately on eBay, for example, and can greatly increase your asking price.

You must realize that the more accessories you leave out, the more they will appear utilized. You may sell things as “like new” for a considerably greater price if all of the accessories are included, as opposed to an incomplete offer.


When you receive your pallet, make sure you properly verify the items before reselling them. The majority of the goods will fall into one of four categories:

Used: Items that have apparent evidence of use and tear, such as dents or scrapes.

New open-box: items are in excellent shape and come in their original packing.

Refurbished: items have been examined, mended, and packed if necessary.

Brand new, factory-sealed: products are still in their original boxes and packaging. These goods have never been used and are in brand new condition.

It’s important to know that these resold things aren’t covered by the original manufacturer’s guarantee. These warranties will be void, so be sure you don’t forget about them while selling the items.


Purchasing gadgets from Amazon return pallets requires significant time and financial effort. It’s not only expensive, but you’ll also have to try and test each product to make sure it works correctly.

After that, you’ll need to discover feasible marketplaces where you can sell non-working gadgets. If you can’t locate a market like that, you’ll have to disassemble the product and sell the pieces separately. It will take a lot of effort, so be sure you are prepared.


It’s tempting as a vendor to wait to offer your things at the greatest feasible price in order to maximize earnings. While this price method is good in general, it may not be as beneficial for Amazon return pallets.

Instead of maximizing the cash amount from each individual item, it is preferable to focus on volumes. Essentially, this is the method to use if you want to sell a huge number of things because you’ll be able to make more money from every one of them.


101: How to Buy Amazon Return Pallets and Resell Them for a Profit

It’s important to do your homework on the liquidation firm you’re thinking about buying from, just like you would with any other purchase.

Because most liquidation transactions are final, it’s always a good idea to read internet reviews to learn more about the product quality, refunds, policies, and the firm in general.

It’s also important to do some general research and check into alternative liquidation sites that other individuals are utilizing to buy Amazon return pallets. It’s best if you have as much information as possible.


Finally, Some Thoughts

Making money from Amazon return pallets may be a thrilling and enjoyable experience. You don’t need any special abilities to get started, and as long as you do your homework and pay attention to what you’re selling, you’ll find it to be a lucrative business.

While a lot depends on chance and the quality of the things you get, with smart thought, you’ll be making money with Amazon return pallets in no time.

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