How to Do the ‘TikTok Back Crack’ Challenge and Is It Safe?

tiktok back crack

TikTok has introduced yet another wild challenge among its vast list of hot videos on social media, but this one has raised safety worries among the public and community since it lifts someone and “cracks the back.” While the exercise may not technically “break” a person’s back, it does provide therapeutic relief by allowing air to escape from tense joints.

TikTok’s “Back Crack Task,” which sends individuals to their knees and urges the audience to do it and finish the challenge, has been catching up with the trends. Users and influencers who have engaged in the act claim to the activity’s “therapeutic” effects, as it pops off the joints in the back, causing a “cracking” feeling similar to that felt in the knuckles.

These exercises are often performed by licensed therapists, chiropractors, and others, but this is the first time that the general public has participated in an act that promotes joint cracking actions that are typically performed by specialists. Furthermore, there are certain difficulties and worries from the audience about the activity’s safety and the manner it entices people to do it.

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Is the TikTok Back Crack Challenge Safe?


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Because it can tighten the joints of a person’s body, cracking the back commonly comes off after a difficult day at work or sitting too long in office chairs or at school. Furthermore, even a simple stretch can cause the back to “crack” or the joints to burst off, making a characteristic sound similar to crumbled crackers or recently opened bottles.

Cracking one’s back is a beneficial thing to do, according to Healthline, since it encourages stretching and “resetting the joints” that have been subjected to numerous activities that have led to its current form. Popping off these joints has no negative effects on a person’s body or health as long as it is done correctly and with the appropriate pressure.

This case, however, is about breaking one’s back, not the TikTok challenge of having others crack one’s back for them. Another risk is other persons participating in the activity, especially if they are not licensed experts such as physical therapists or chiropractors. Furthermore, other individuals are oblivious to the strain compared to the person’s own activities.


How to Complete the TikTok Back Crack Challenge

tiktok back crack

The TikTok Back Crack Challenge is based on the concept of utilizing one’s own bodyweight to pop the joints in one’s back so that it stretches better, rather than twisting the body and exerting pressure with hands or tools. Furthermore, it may be completed by anybody without the need for any special equipment or technologies, since it only requires two individuals.

  • Kneel the person who wants their backs cracked and facing the opposite direction as the assistance.
  • Stiffen both hands behind the head (creating a sideways triangle) so that people may lift them off the ground.
  • Allow the person carrying the one kneeling to pass their arms through the arms and carry it like a rucksack.
  • Lift the person into one’s shoulders, as if carrying them in a backpack, and bend forward into a bow stance.


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