Is MargraveMargrave, Georgia As Shown In Reacher A Real Place?


Reacher, a new Amazon Prime Video series, is set in a little southern community that seems like a character all by itself. After viewing the story of the everlasting hero, several followers have questioned whether Margrave, Georgia is a genuine location.

Margrave, Georgia is a character in “Reacher.”

Based on his debut book Killing Floor, Lee Child’s 1997 novel Reacher tells the story of retired Army major and investigator Jack Reacher (Alan Ritchson). After discussing the artist with his brother, Reacher travels to the Margrave, Georgia, funeral home of American blues guitarist Blind Blake.

However, upon his arrival, Reacher is charged with murder and detained by the local police. He instantly realizes his involvement in the crime and swears to find the offender.

In the episode, Margrave seems to be a character unto herself. It was founded in 1794 and is a small southern town. In a village of barely 1,200 residents, the 6-foot-5-inch hero stands out like a sore thumb.

Everyone in this little community knows one another. And it becomes clear at the end of the first episode that in the tight-knit community, word spreads rapidly.

Margrave’s financial difficulties play a significant role in the story. Its pervasive corruption and coverup culture eventually lead to the string of killings Reacher is trying to investigate.

But the Margrave isn’t a real place

Margrave, GA Although it seems like a genuine place, it’s not. In his Jack Reacher book from 1997, Child created the town. It only appears in that one novel, acting as the main character’s springboard for literary adventures.

But Blind Blake, the musician who welcomes Reacher to the tranquil community, is genuine. In the late 1920s and early 1930s, Blake, a guitarist, and vocalist who reportedly had visual issues became well-known for his music.

The program claims that Blake passed away at Margrave. In reality, the blues musician died in Wisconsin in 1934 from pulmonary tuberculosis.

‘Reacher’ created Margrave, GA in a cornfield

The little southern village was created by the Reacher showrunners while they were in Ontario, Canada. Currently, Titans and Riverdale, two Hollywood productions, are based in this Canadian city. Furthermore, the Margrave set was totally built in a Canadian cornfield, according to series star Alan Ritchson.

Ok, I’ll tell you a secret that could get me killed. Margrave was made in a field of corn. Everyone in the town. Margrave is the set equivalent of “Field of Dreams.”

— Alan Ritchson (@alanritchson) February 5, 2022

“Ok, I’m going to offer you a secret I could get killed for,” Ritchson tweeted. Margrave was built in a cornfield. entire neighborhood. Margrave is the Field of Dreams of settings.

Atlas of Wonders asserts that several real locations were used for the event. The Salvation Army Thrift Store that features in the television series is real and is located at 82 Mill St. in Georgetown, Ontario.


Reacher spends his final days in prison at Kingston Penitentiary in Ontario. Additionally, Port Perry, Ontario, and its surrounding areas are home to the hotels and eateries the character frequently visits.

Reacher Season 1 is currently available for watching on Amazon Prime Video.



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