What exactly is durfing?


When it comes to Mormons, who are forbidden from having sex before marriage, DURFING is a prevalent practice. This obscene idea is described in

Young Mormons who want to have fun while following their religion’s commandments engage in durfing.

What is durfing?

The practice, sometimes known as “dry humping,” is most frequently done by Mormons and simulates having intercourse.

The woman is still wearing her clothes when this is done. Can Mormons have relationships prior to marriage?

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints maintains a severe chastity policy for its members.

It follows that until marriage, sexual relations are prohibited.

Masturbation is also included. There are no exemptions to the regulation.

Even distant kisses and hugs are typically forbidden. What additional sexist language do they employ?

In a similar vein, “soaking” is a sex act in which one person fully still inserts their penis in the vagina of the other. The reasoning for this is that since there is no thrusting, it does not constitute a full sexual encounter. And finally, “jump-humping.”

In order to create motion, this strategy calls for a third person to leap onto the bed as two others “soak.” Therefore, sexual contact can be made without the man moving his member. You get paid for your articles here!


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Have you had a story for the guys over at The US Sun?

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