Space Movie 1992: Cast & Crew, Plot, and Reception

space movie 1992

Gayniggers from Outer Space is a 1992 blaxploitation short film directed by Morten Lindberg, a Danish execution artisan. The film is a science fiction parody.

SICK In an attempt to dupe people into believing a prejudiced joke, Redditors have instructed users, not to Google “space movie 1992.”

The disturbing parody began on Reddit’s discussion board, before spreading across social media and becoming one of Google’s top autofill suggestions.

Gayniggers from Beyond the Grave (Space Movie 1992)

space movie 1992

  • Gayniggers from Outer Space was the original title.
  • 1992 is the year
  • The film has a running duration of 26 minutes.
  • Denmark is a country in Denmark.
  • English is the language of choice.
  • Morten Lindberg is the director.
  • Prami Larsen is the editor.
  • Morten Lindberg and Per Kristensen wrote the screenplay.
  • Henrik Kristensen shot the film.
  • Coco C.P. Dalbert, Sammy Salomon, and Gbatokai Dakinah star in this film.
  • Prodtion Lindberg/Kristensen is the name of the company. Dino Raymond Hansen and Lamont Sanford produced the film.
  • Comedy is the genre. Gay & Lesbian Science Fiction A trip to the stars. Film of Half-Length
  • Synopsis: Extraterrestrial aliens wander the cosmos in search of men who have been “oppressed” by females in order to create a civilization that is exclusively gay.

Those duped by the heinous prank come upon indexed lists for Gayn****** from Outer Space, a 1992 short film.

The science-fiction film depicts a group of interplanetary homosexual men of color from the planet Anus who come to Earth to exterminate the female population and establish an all-male gay utopia.

They leave behind a “Gay Ambassador” to teach the Earthlings about their new way of life before departing the planet.

The film is about 25 or 26 minutes long, and it is nice for what it is.

The 1992 film’s expectations have been questioned for some time, with viewers questioning if it is a prejudiced and homophobic satire or a harmless parody.

The snarky chase cautioning began in 2016, before reappearing in 2020 and the beginning of this year.

space movie 1992

space movie 1992

The prank has continued to spread throughout social media as pitiful con artists attempt to startle unsuspecting online users with prejudiced remarks.

“I was told to research space movie 1992 and was not disillusioned,” read the most current thread on the film, which was submitted on February 3.

Other Reddit users flooded the comments, amused by the humor and adoring the flick — while others went so far as to describe deplorable mistreatment.

The joke has subsequently spawned a slew of memes, which have begun to gain traction on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

“Don’t GOOGLE “SPACE MOVIE 1992″ on December 4, 2020,” Brian Redban, co-host and creator of The Joe Rogan Experience, tweeted.

Fans on IMDB describe the 26-minute short, which was shown at the 2006 Stockholm Queer Film Festival, as a “comedic clique top selection.”

The joke’s Reddit execution is similar to an incident that occurred at the beginning of this month, after users compared the racist joke, “Don’t research which dinosaur had 500 teeth in his mouth,” into an online craze.

space movie 1992


The film takes its title from the initial title of the 1959 horror film “Plan 9 from Outer Space,” “Grave Robbers from Outer Space.”

Gayniggers from Beyond the Grave Space Movie 1992 Cast & Crew, Plot, and Reception

  • ArmInAss, Coco P. Dalbert
  • Captain B. Dick is played by Sammy Saloman.
  • Ildo Gbartokai Dakinah (Gerald F. Hail) as Sergeant Shaved Balls
  • Schwul is played by Konrad Fields.
  • As a Black Gay Ambassador, Johnny Conny
  • Tony Thomas has been appointed as the White Gay Ambassador.
  • Jzecke Prvroche Anne Busacker
  • Bob Harris is a well-known figure in the
  • Bob Rockwell is a well-known actor.
  • Marmorstein, Dan
  • Pederson, Rob
  • Scott Ritter is an actor who is well-known for his
  • Sabella, Cristiana
  • Lars Bjarke is a Danish architect.
  • Roland Engelhardt (Roland Engelhardt)
  • Verner Christensen Mollerup
  • Zenth, Torben
  • Tove Kristensen is a Danish actress.
  • Heinrick von Grundstead Heintz Heidrun von Wildenraut
  • Thorsson, Maiksen
  • Nina N. Rosenmeier is a writer who lives in New York City.
  • Yon Hee Yon Hee Yon Hee Yon He Ehi Yeon Kim Kim \sChapper
  • Brask, Dorte Heg
  • Rungo, Jens
  • Nielsen, Tone

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space movie 1992

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space movie 1992

space movie 1992

space movie 1992

The plot of the Space Movie from 1992

The film concerns a group of interplanetary homosexual Black males from the planet Anus who arrive on Earth and discover the presence of feminine animals. They proceed to kill females from Earth one by one using rayguns, eliciting gratitude from the recently tortured male population. They leave behind a “Gay Ambassador” to teach the Earthlings about their better method forever before leaving the planet.

Reception of the Space Movie in 1992

The film has been described as a “queer-interest Dutch B movie in John Waters’ hyper-offensive fashion,” and it is reported to have drawn a crowd of “geeky white young males” who were fans of blaxploitation. In the 2000s, the Internet barbaric group Gay Nigger Association of America included the film in a selection process.



Film set in space When it was released in 1992, the film 1992 had little impact on the public. However, it has recently been a hot topic of debate. It’s sparked a lot of discussion regarding racism and homophobia.

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