Mariza Lamb, a prominent model, discusses how she becomes a successful entrepreneur via perseverance.


Lamb is a model and entrepreneur who overcame difficulties to achieve success. She is now committed to giving back to the community and offers some sound advice to prospective entrepreneurs…

Mariza, we appreciate your time for this quick conversation. Kindly tell us a bit about yourself for the benefit of our readers.

I appreciate your invitation! To begin, I am a model, an entrepreneur, and the mother of three incredible children. I like sharing my experience with others with the intention of inspiring as many individuals as possible to pursue their aspirations and objectives. I created my business during the most trying period of my life, and now that my life has radically improved in so many ways, I seek to improve the lives of as many individuals as possible who are in similar situations to mine. I’m really enthusiastic about my modeling career and like using my talents to encourage others that support me. My family is everything to me, and they are my primary source of inspiration. Every day, I give thanks to God for gifting me with such a solid support system.

How did you begin your modeling career, and when did you discover you might achieve financial success in this industry?

mariza lamb

I suppose you could say that I fell into modeling by chance. I had no prior experience prior to entering the industry. Prior to modeling, I held a variety of marketing professions and even worked as a singer at a nightclub. Unfortunately, the club was compelled to make certain modifications, which resulted in many customers seeking amusement elsewhere and ultimately resulted in my job loss. Due to the fact that I had a lot of spare time while looking for new employment, I decided to undergo some physical alterations. After publishing images on my social media accounts in accordance with the instructions, I began to garner considerable attention. I had previously garnered attention on social media, but nothing quite like this. I had seen other women earning substantial income from subscription-based modeling sites, and with all of the fresh attention I was receiving, I decided to join. After a brief experience with popular subscription services, I recognised the enormous potential for profit in the digital realm. I began posting routinely to my social media sites and continuously explored new ways to communicate with my fans. The effort paid off, as my fan base increased swiftly across all of my internet channels. It’s not simple by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s been an enormously fulfilling experience thus far, and I take tremendous satisfaction in my work and the progress I’ve made.

What factors influenced your decision to pursue entrepreneurship rather than a typical “9-to-5” job?

This is an excellent question, and there are several reasons behind my decision to become an entrepreneur. I wanted to spend as much time as possible with my family first and foremost. Throughout my life, I’ve held roles that needed me to be on-call 24 hours a day, whether at an office or a club. I found myself working over 12 hours a day in my previous career, which required me to be away from my children the whole time. While a mother, I despised the sense of being absent as my children grew, and I desired to be present for those unique times, as any parent should. As an entrepreneur, I have the freedom to work from anywhere in the world because I am my own employer and establish my own schedule. While I continue to work numerous hours as an entrepreneur, I have complete control over my schedule. This enables me to spend time with my children, which brings me the greatest joy. I appreciate having total control over my job and being my own boss. Not only am I free to express myself artistically, but I also determine my own fate. As someone who grew up in a really difficult environment, I developed a philosophy of daily improvement. My passion and ambition to always improve have propelled me to where I am now, and they will continue to do so.


What obstacles did you experience when you first started your business? More precisely, what obstacles did you experience as you began your career?

The most difficult aspect of launching any business, in my opinion, is creating a great initial impression and forcing your way into the market as a rival. Numerous businesses begin and fail fast due to their inability to create a lasting impression and attract the attention of consumers. This is also true in my line of work. I have to be highly consistent, inventive, and unique in order to not only gain an audience but also keep it. Numerous factors are constant, as you must be consistent, inventive, and cognizant of shifting trends in your market. One way I distinguished myself from others in my business was by creating various alter personalities to appeal to people in a variety of areas. This was a novel concept at the time that quickly became popular. Another thing I prioritised (and continue to prioritise) is the quality of my articles. I strive to make the best possible material to share with my readers. I accomplished this by hiring a professional director/editor to assist me in bringing my concepts to reality.

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