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Fiera Cosmetics

Enter Fiera Cosmetics, one of the only cosmetic lines made just for ladies over the age of sixty. They’re upending the cosmetics and beauty industries by developing products tailored for mature skin types – in stark contrast to the bulk of makeup available today. The majority of cosmetic manufacturers specialise in products for youthful skin and promote them with photos of gorgeous young models in their twenties. However, this form of promotion is damaging and cyclical. It offers a near-impossible standard of beauty (oftentimes, an unattainable ideal owing to photo manipulation) that keeps women spending in an attempt to match the photographs.

Fiera Cosmetics, on the other hand, uses models who resemble their target demographic. According to Kate Duff, Fiera’s brand coordinator, all of their models are between the ages of 50 and 80. “We believe it is critical for our website to provide photographs of actual ladies who are not photo-shopped,” she stated.

Fiera Cosmetics Story:

fiera cosmetics

I am nearly 63 years old – chronologically speaking – but feel much younger. I enjoy growing older and having the opportunity to simply explore life and live it fully. I don’t have many complaints or changes I’d like to make at this point in my life since I’m content with who I am, but I do want to take care of my skin. I’ve suffered from severely dry skin in my later years. My oiliness (which I probably should have enjoyed when I was younger) has long since vanished.

As a result, I’ve been unable to apply cosmetics on my face for years. Foundation absorbs immediately into the creases, wrinkles, and pores.

I was just exposed to Fièra Luxury Concealer via a Facebook group I’m a member of, and for the first time in years, I discovered makeup that worked with my dry skin. Not only did it blend seamlessly into my skin, giving the impression that I had nothing on my face, but simply a small piece fully disguised the obstinate veins on the side of my face. It significantly reduces the appearance of deep creases and wrinkles and imparts a healthy shine to my skin.

But the nicest part about discovering this concealer was being exposed to the Fièra product collection…

Particularly the Luxurious Neck Cream.

Given my success with the Concealer, I figured why not try Fièra’s Luxury Neck Cream. The dryness on my face does not end there; my neck and chest had a more crepey feel. Naturally, like any lady my age, I had some jowl drooping and vertical lines down my neck.

I feel as though I’ve tried every neck tightening cream known to man with no improvement in my sagging neck skin. On that basis, I had no reason to believe Fièra’s Luxury Neck Cream would be any different, save for the fact that the Concealer lived up to its claims.

You can imagine my astonishment and happiness when this cream really delivered on its promise! The consistency is sumptuous but light, and unlike other creams I’ve tried, it’s not sticky at all. As a result, it applies smoothly and quickly giving my neck and chest a moisturised shine. Because it felt so lovely to smooth on, it was easy to remember to apply it twice a day. I was convinced I could notice a difference after a few weeks of constant use but convinced myself it was all in my brain. Then my spouse noticed and spoke out!

A buddy advised me to snap photographs whenever I started a new skincare product to verify whether it was genuinely working or if I was wasting my money. I had never considered doing so before, but I am SO pleased I did.

At the three-week point, I shot another photograph in the same lighting and immediately recognised it:

In barely three weeks, Fièra Luxury Neck Cream visibly tightened my neck!

Now it’s even more obvious that my neck seems younger, smoother, and crispier. Amazing outcomes that I simply could not anticipate!

I’ve recently introduced Fièra’s Vitamin C Citrus Stem Cell Cream and Apple Stem Cell Cream to my daily skincare routine, and I’m already noticing a little reduction in redness and dark spots on my face, as well as an improvement in skin tone.

I used to be unconcerned about staying with a single brand’s products, but now I understand that if one product lives up to its claims, chances are the rest of the brand’s items will as well. The fact that Fièra formulates their products, particularly for aged skin explains why all the other treatments I’ve tried over the previous decade or so have been ineffective. I am overjoyed with my results and find myself referring these items to a large number of women!

A New Kind of Marketing: One That Is Based on Customer Needs

To match the superficial character of the majority of beauty goods, their marketing strategies may be similarly shallow: paying the top price to big-name shops for shelf space and cozying up to executives to add to the false allure of brand popularity. Based on the genuineness, Fiera Cosmetics has taken a unique approach to the market: they mostly rely on word-of-mouth marketing via their internet evaluations. This places the onus on the buyer – which implies that the true onus is on Fiera to provide cosmetics worth shouting over.

“We let our customer reviews sell us,” Duff stated. “This is the most efficient technique since it simply consists of favorable internet word of mouth brand marketing.” We genuinely believe in providing people with something they enjoy and allowing it to flourish organically.”

When a product performs precisely as advertised, it’s easy to generate positive word-of-mouth marketing. In the case of Fiera, this means delivering complete coverage and a blurring effect with their best-selling anti-aging concealer. Numerous makeup formulas actually accentuate the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles – but Fiera’s precisely crafted concealer virtually eliminates them. They just developed a new neck cream that accomplishes the same thing.


Instead of investing in television or retail ad sales, they reinvest their profits in two areas. The first is in their own beauty goods. “All of our money goes into providing the greatest things for women imaginable,” Duff explained. The cooperation with Second Harvest is the second source. “For every unit of cosmetics sold, we donate cash to feed someone in need,” Duff explained. They served almost 9,300 dinners in only one month.

Fiera is on to something — they promote realistic beauty, are customer-focused, and do so with an eye toward impact. By encouraging women of all ages to embrace their real beauty through their products and attitude, they are infusing new life into a poisonous beauty business.

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