Rick Grimes Haircut: How to Steal Hairstyles From the Best-Looking Men on TV


Deputy Rick Grimes can’t be bothered by his receding hairline because he has to spend his time combating flesh-eating zombies.

Fortunately, Grimes’ style welcomes the downturn by emphasizing a naturally tousled texture. Guys with straight hair, on the other hand, will have a difficult time replicating the effortlessness here.

We contacted Tony Jimenez, Master Barber at Ludlow Barber Supply in NYC, for advice on how to get Andrew Lincoln’s Walking Dead hairdo and how to avoid zombies without sacrificing one’s style. Here are Jimenez’s recommendations for doing both correctly.

Before You Go to the Barber Shop:

Your hair should be 3.5-4 inches long on top for this style. Sides should also be grown out significantly—roughly 1.5-2.5 inches.

What You Should Tell Your Barber:

Maintain the length at the top; if it’s already long, you’ll want to land somewhere between 3.5 and 4 inches. Tell your barber to keep the ends textured but free of severe scissor marks. The sides should be about 1 to 1.5 inches shorter than the length at the top.

Instead of a hard line, the rear of the neck should have a gentle natural taper. “Otherwise, this might turn into mullet,” Jimenez warns. “That little curl is coming from between the ears, not the base of the neck,” says the narrator.

How to Style:

Greasers rejoice: this look is best when it’s unclean and greasy. To characterize those waves, though, just a tiny gleam is required. (Grimes may lack contemporary conveniences, but you still have a shower.) Rinse your hair every day, then rinse and condition it at least once a week.)

Fill your palm with a thickening mousse after towel drying your hair. If your hair is only somewhat wavy, the mousse will add more curl. It also adds crunch to your hair, which is beneficial for long-lasting texture. If it bothers you (if your hair is particularly curly), use a quarter-size dollop of styling cream for a softer grip. Apply either product from root to tip, then scrunch the ends to re-establish the curls or waves. (When applying products, we have a tendency to drag them through the hair and straighten it out.) Obviously, it isn’t the purpose here.)

After that, apply a dime-sized quantity of strong-hold pomade to the sides for further control. If you’d rather use a comb, go in with your fingers afterward to break up the appearance. “Just like the rest of the style,” Jimenez says, “you want to make it appear a bit more natural.”

Use a low-heat blow dryer to set the product if you have thicker, more unmanageable hair. From the root to the tip, work your way from the rear to the front. Carry on in the same manner on the sides. Blow-dry your hair without using heat if you have finer or thinner hair.

How to Kill Zombies Without Giving Up Your Personality:

“As barbers, this is one of the first things we learn,” Jimenez explains. “Because of hungry zombies, several of the better shops have been shut down. Then, because those zombie barbers are envious of your store, they come after you. It irritates me.”

Keep your texturizing shears in your dominant side’s back pocket. When a zombie approaches, you may use this momentum to quickly remove the shears and guide them at your reanimated adversary. You’ll need enough strength to reach the brain; after all, it’s the only way to kill a zombie. If your opponent is particularly shady, splatter a pint of Barbicide over his face to momentarily blind him, then aggressively texture his brains, working your way up from the sides. 3-4 inches of brains should be left on top.


If you style your hair in the manner described above, it will keep its form during the engagement.

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