How Does Stalkhub Stalk Instagram Profiles and Stories?


If you enjoy the stuff that other Instagram users post, it seems sensible that you would want to investigate their accounts and follow their stories. Although Instagram makes it simple to follow others, it’s still difficult to locate them in the first place. This is where Stalkhub comes in: it’s an Instagram viewer that enables you to browse other accounts, follow them if you like their material, and read the stories they publish in a far more engaging manner than the regular Instagram app. Here’s how it functions:

Why would you need a web-based Instagram viewer?

When all you can see is a thumbnail, why should you be interested in someone’s most recent purchase or exercise photo? Most likely, you shouldn’t. But occasionally, such pictures contain pearls of insight. Instagram is one of the top social media channels for businesses when it comes to content marketing.

If your company hasn’t already gotten in on the activity, now is a fantastic time to do so with 2 billion monthly active users, 3 million photographs posted every hour, and 500 million likes every day. Use an Instagram web viewer like Stalkhub if you want to boost your brand’s Instagram visibility.

You can look through profiles and stories without downloading an app or closing your browser. Additionally, using its search feature, you can quickly locate new users who are worth following depending on their location, interests, and amount of followers (or other metrics). When you come across anything intriguing, click through to get additional information about that account, including a bio and connections to their website. Additionally, they could be worth adding as a connection if they have an open profile (allowing anybody to follow them back)!

How do you search through other websites for relevant information?

Explore the website you want information on. Once you’re on their landing page, use command+option+i on a Mac or ctrl+shift+i on a Windows computer. You may enter your public URL into this to open a new tab and search for data like email addresses, phone numbers, physical locations, etc.

Copy and paste that portion of information from a previous screenshot into one large text document, piece by piece, until all the information has been obtained, in order to extract specific data from each section of information for every individual user (such as an email address). From there, if you intend to carry out a harmful attack, you can employ social engineering strategies.

What benefits do stalking individuals offer?

Although the word “stalking” may conjure up ideas of psychos, there are other types as well. Even regular individuals can stalk, which is advantageous if it enables you to locate what you’re looking for. You may examine your followers in an orderly manner when you use a site like Stalkhub, for instance, making it simpler to locate individuals who are currently active on Instagram (or active at all).

This makes it simple for you to gain new likes/followers when you’re attempting to grow your audience or advertise anything because you won’t have to spend hours browsing through tales. You may view who has followed you back along with their profile details. To learn more about someone who appears interesting, just click on their profile.

You may view their most recent posts, location, when they joined Instagram (and how recently), as well as other information. There is a strong likelihood that someone will have more followers than those who don’t if they are extremely well-liked or follow many other users back. It’s wise to keep track of these accounts so you may follow them when you have time in the future.

The stalking laws

There are still methods to see someone’s images without being noticed if you truly like them but their account is private (i.e., you can’t follow them).

Observe these three actions:

  • Visit your profile.
  • Click the Following
  • In the area that follows, type in their username to find it.

Even if they don’t follow you back, this will display all of their public postings! Check out their most recent photographs below. Add them as a private account under the Following if it’s sufficient. If not, simply click the tiny heart button! Up until they eventually follow you back, keep doing this every day or two. Thank you very much!

Section of categories

Take care of your accounts. You may alter your profile name, add a cover photo, a description of who you are, and control who can view your postings in the profile area. Look up persons you want to follow. Once logged in, utilise the search box at the top of the webpage to enter any username or hashtag to identify popular accounts. Since the Explore tab is essentially an Instagram directory and trending page, go through each category if you’re unsure of which accounts you want to follow.

If any account becomes irrelevant or boring to you, later on, you can easily unfollow them! You may follow as many accounts as you like! Update your story with images and videos. You must upload pictures and videos from your phone into your profile in order to add content (or computer). On your profile’s desktop, click the Add Media button next to any existing post or press the Add Media icon when editing the article (on mobile).

Post unique content: If you want to separate from the crowd, originality is vital. Don’t merely copy other users’ material, even though there are numerous fantastic ways to do so! To prevent your images from being too identical to those of others, try utilising filters that aren’t very popular. Additionally, it’s crucial to avoid using music that is protected by copyright in videos; be sure that any background music is original to you or has been granted permission for public usage.

Who first began stalking?

We can all agree that stalking is unacceptable. Yes, but just because something is awful doesn’t mean it can’t be done, as I’m sure you’ve heard numerous times. Before social media, we used to stalk people by peeking at their text messages or Facebook profiles, or by secretly reading their crush’s texts. Nowadays, we can access almost everything from anywhere in the globe, including your Instagram feed right now.

This raises a number of queries: Who started the first stalking? She or he was it? Why did they monitor another person’s social media activity? How did they accomplish this? Nowadays, there are several alternatives to satisfy your need for internet people search. What if there was a simpler method? The majority of people utilise Google search engines or other well-known websites like Facebook and Twitter. In this situation, Stalkhub is useful.

Here’s a brief summary for those who haven’t heard of us before: We at Stalkhub are continually considering fresh approaches to assisting consumers in discovering Instagram content. In order to ensure that you never again miss a photo or video shared by your favorite influencers, the platform allows users to search through millions of photographs and videos by location, hashtag, user name, and even photo description. With our latest feature, Explore, you can now explore profiles close to any area in the world as well as find interesting postings nearby based on keywords like locations and events.

Are you still perplexed by how everything operates? Check out these suggestions!

Social media stalking has always been common, and because of contemporary technology, it’s now simpler than ever. But be careful to utilise a program like Stalkhub before you access someone else’s profile or follow their tales. With the help of this tool, you may view any other user’s Instagram profile without them knowing, as well as their IGTV posts and personal stories from different devices. Feel free to stalk away! However, if you do utilise a platform like Stalkhub, it may help your personal brand strategy take off and even improve your understanding of your target audience.

Get your free copy right away!

Now that you have a free copy of Stalkhub, you may see any public user’s Instagram post using our online viewer. Investigate private Instagram accounts that are blocked. Make your Instagram feed private! Within seconds, follow any profile or account. Because Stalkhub hosts all images locally on your browser (Chrome/Firefox), they are completely safe and secure.

We don’t break any TOS by allowing you to use our system to write tales or send direct messages to pals. We don’t save or utilise any content that isn’t already openly accessible on Instagram in some manner, shape, or form, including pictures, videos, or other types of media. So please feel free to post whatever you discover online using our search function!


We want it to be as simple as possible for you to follow your favorite Instagram accounts. We created Stalkhub for this reason. You can now find out about new blogs, videos, and a lot more! There is no need for Webstagram or any other clumsy browser extensions that might get you kicked from an app or worse. We don’t even utilise a browser plugin, so you’ll never get banned from it.


Unlike all of those worthless browser extensions, we believe in keeping our users safe and secure, which is why we do not track or gather any of your information for targeted advertising reasons. Utilizing Stalkhub’s privacy restrictions, you have total control over your social media experience! Would you want to download a picture? Simply choose Download Image from the context menu when you right-click it.

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