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Everyone enjoys playing Subway Surfers. The majority of us have played this fantastic free runner game on our phones for hours. After selecting our Subway Surfers personas, we took off racing with everything we had! Even after ten years of play, the many Subway Surfers characters are what actually keep the game’s soul (and soles) alive. Lucy was my personal favorite character from Subway Surfers. How about yours?

The vibrant ensemble that gives titles like Subway Surfers such a whimsical feeling of life is a hallmark of many addicting action games. We have all liked playing Subway Surfers and experimenting with all of the Subway Surfers Characters, whether we were youngsters or adults. Do you actually remember the names of every character from Subway Surfers, though? Come on down to find out!

We are all familiar with “Jake and his friends,” the original Subway Surfers. But the creators didn’t stop there; with upgrades and modifications, a fresh characters list appeared. It is hard to remember every character who has appeared in Subway Surfers since the cast has expanded to include people from all corners of the world and even from outer space. Want to master the characters from Subway Surfers’ names? Below is a thorough list provided by Updated time.

Subway Surfers Characters: A Complete Guide To Thrill

subway surfers characters

One of the greatest casual games available now and a top performer for mobile apps is Subway Surfers. There are so many fascinating and intriguing characters in this fantastic game. We’ll give you some background information on each Subway Surfers character below, using the cast as your guide. Let’s start looking:

1. Jake

Jake, played by Zachary Bennett, is the main character of Subway Surfers. He is the first character you meet in Subway Surfers and the first one you can manage. Jake is said to as the “spirit and leader” of the Subway Surfers and is a confident, personable, and compelling guy. He is one of the Subway Surfers characters that eagerly awaits the upcoming thrilling adventure.

subway surfers characters


  • Core crew
  • Dark outfit
  • Star outfit
  • Dark outfit

2. Tricky

You may unlock the Subway Surfers character Tricky by collecting three Tricky’s Hat (TrickyHatIcon) tokens. Kristin Fairlie provides Tricky’s voice. Due to her accessibility, Tricky is the second-most significant character in the game after Jake. Tricky is adored by every member of the Subway Surfers crew, but she has trouble obeying instructions. She strives for excellence in all she does, including her breakdancing and skating. She is the most intelligent member of the bunch.

subway surfers characters

Fun Fact: In the holiday version of Subway Surfers, she goes by the name Elf Tricky.


  • Core crew
  • Heart outfit
  • Camo outfit

3. Fresh

To unlock another Subway Surfers character named Fresh, all you have to do is gather 50 Fresh Radio symbols. Kevin Duhaney provides the voice for Fresh, one of the Subway Surfers characters. He is a boy with brown eyes, a military-style haircut, and a complexion that is just slightly darker than his hair color. Everywhere he walks, a radio can be seen in his hand.

subway surfers characters

Fresh is a pro when it comes to music from the 1980s. The majority of this Subway Surfer character’s speech is carried out via his boombox. He is wise and philosophical, albeit sometimes a little cynical. He’s the one who keeps the gang together, in any case.


  • Core crew
  • Funk outfit
  • Sport outfit

4. Yutani

You may unlock Yutani, a strange green Subway Surfers character, if you collect 500 of them. The original crew’s token character with the greatest token requirements is Yutani, who is voiced by Sarah Gadon. Compared to the rest of the team, Yutani has a totally different personality. Yutani, a computer genius with a passion for science, loves nothing more than to think up new contractions. She might not even be from this planet, according to some of the other subway surfers characters. This person might be a young woman dressed as an extraterrestrial.

subway surfers characters

The suit features four arms, two enormous eyes, and two antennas. She appears to be a female wearing an alien suit that is green and has dots at the bottom. Lower arms are an aesthetic decision, whereas upper arms appear to be the true limbs.


  • Core crew
  • Gadget outfit

5. Spike

The group’s punk rockstar is Spike. By gathering 200 tokens of Spike’s guitars, you may unlock this rockstar Subway Surfers avatar. Rock music is Spike’s absolute passion, and his style reflects this. He modifies his haircut to go with his outfit, much like Ella and Tasha do. This figure is modeled from several musical genres’ clothing. His punk attire appears to be influenced by punk rock music, whilst his rock attire appears to be influenced by black metal music. One of the hippest characters in Subway Surfers is Spike.

subway surfers characters


  • Punk
  • Rock

Many other Subway Surfers Characters

True fans of the game Subway Surfers are aware that there is a greater list of Subway Surfers characters that have yet to be discovered. Players may gather a variety of characters in the game in addition to the main Subway Surfers. Clothing and fashion choices that reflect a diverse spectrum of ethnic customs help to distinguish one Subway Surfers character from the others. Let’s examine these characters now.

subway surfers characters

  1. Super Runner Jake
  2. Lucy
  3. Tagbot
  4. Ninja
  5. Tasha
  6. Frank
  7. King
  8. Zoe
  9. Ella
  10. Broody
  11. Price K
  12. Dino
  13. Zombie Jake
  14. Elf Tricky
  15. Tony
  16. Carmen
  17. Roberto
  18. Kim
  19. Harumi
  20. Coco
  21. Sun
  22. Alex
  23. Eddie
  24. Jamie
  25. Jay
  26. Mina
  27. Rosa
  28. Olivia
  29. Edison
  30. Wayne
  31. Jasmine
  32. Buddy
  33. Noon
  34. Rex
  35. Izzy
  36. Amira
  37. Macro
  38. Nikos
  39. Zuri
  40. Mike
  41. Jenny
  42. Jaro
  43. Aina
  44. Carlos
  45. Jia
  46. Bjarki
  47. Ramona
  48. Lauren
  49. Malik
  50. Jolien
  51. Philip
  52. Freya
  53. Salma
  54. Lee
  55. Diego
  56. Alex
  57. Manny
  58. Alba
  59. Mankbot
  60. Sofia
  61. The Scream Team
  62. Andy
  63. Nicolai
  64. Frankette & Spacebot
  65. Rat & Ox
  66. Zayn
  67. Lana & Darryl
  68. Bonnie
  69. Buzz
  70. Trym
  71. Pride Crew
  72. Alexandre
  73. Akira
  74. Koral
  75. Cleo
  76. Taha
  77. Bob the Blob
  78. Mala
  79. Pheonix
  80. Clementine
  81. Hasina
  82. Tiger
  83. Charlie
  84. Pink
  85. George
  86. Dummy

Characters like Jake, Tricky, and Spike are among the vibrant, eccentric ones seen in Subway Surfers. Some of the Subway Surfers characters are available for free, while others require you to purchase collectibles. However, each Subway Surfers character embodies genuine energy and excitement that keeps the player moving forward until they crash.

Here Watch Subway Surfers Characters and Outfit


That concludes the list of Subway Surfers characters that can be unlocked and used in Subway Surfers. Are you looking for anything more? Why not visit our Updated time website and go through the insightful articles there? We have a lot of intriguing information and stories to share.

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  1. Who is the most interesting subway surfers characters?

Here are my favorite subway surfers’ characters!

  1. Brody
    2. Jia
    3. Rex
    4. Jenny
    5. Mina
    6. Tony
    7. Harumi
    8. Tasha
  2. Which character in the video game Subway Surfers is the fastest?

Karim Mayur is the Subway Surfers character who moves the quickest.

  1. Who is the Subway Surfers girl?

Tricky is a young woman with blonde hair, a red hat, black-squared glasses, a tank top, a black belt, light-blue leggings, and shoes that resemble Jake’s.

  1. In Subway Surfers, who is Zoe?

By spending 120,000, you may purchase the character Zoe.

  1. How many characters do Subway Surfers have?

There are 91 Subway Surfers characters in the game. One can equip one of these 50 characters while running on the racetrack. By using coins, keys, money, completing missions, utilising character tokens, or spending other resources, these characters can be unlocked under the Me area at the bottom of the home screen.

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