Where to Watch Oldboy 2003 | Does Netflix or Hulu Have It Streaming?


A Japanese manga series served as the inspiration for the South Korean thriller Oldboy. Oldboy 2003 tells the tale of a father who spent a long time trying to locate his daughter. You must be aware of where to watch Oldboy 2003 in order to enjoy the intriguing suspense in the film.

In the narrative, Dae-Su made every effort to locate his missing daughter. He was abducted and imprisoned throughout this adventure, and after he was released from prison, he began dating a stunning woman named Mi-do. He eventually passed away from grief after learning the truth about Mi-do. You must select Oldboy 2003 from the list of platforms below to view this suspense thriller.

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South Korea is where the movie was made. 120 minutes of thrilling entertainment is fantastic. Oldboy 2003 cost $3 million to produce, but it produced a $15 million profit worldwide. You must select the platforms where you will view Oldboy 2003 if you want to enjoy your action film.

Oldboy 2003 Overview

On his daughter’s fourth birthday, a businessman called Dae-Su was detained by the police, which is how the tale of Oldboy begins. He was later picked up by his buddy Joo-hwan from the police station, at which point he discovered he had been abducted. He learns later in the novel that he is the main suspect in his wife’s death while he was watching TV.

where to watch oldboy

Dae-Su was captivated after he was released from jail after serving a fifteen-year sentence. Dae-Su attended a threatening call as he visited the French restaurant later in the narrative. He forced himself onto Mi-do in that mental state. Mi-do believed Dae-sou was interested in him as a result of the occurrence. After a while, they were both reunited, and he was having trouble finding his daughter.

Later in the narrative, Dae-Su is made aware of a wealthy guy by the name of Lee Woo-jin who threatened to murder him unless Dae-Su shared his confinement. He had incest with his own sister, which Dea-sou is aware of. Dae-Su afterward realised Mi-do was his daughter. Dae-Su passed away from extreme despair after learning the information. You must choose one of the platforms listed below to view such an engaging narrative if you want to find out where to watch Oldboy 2003.

Where to Watch Oldboy 2003

Click on one of the shared streaming services below that plays Oldboy 2003 to watch a thriller for your weekend fix. Choose the platform where you wish to watch Oldboy 2003.

where to watch oldboy

1. Watch Oldboy 2003 on Hulu

An American streaming service is called Hulu. It contains a huge selection of movies and television shows. Oldboy 2003 is available on Hulu. In 2010, Hulu became the first platform to include Plus in its name. Disney Media and Entertainment Distribution is the parent company of Hulu.

where to watch oldboy

More than 75 live and recorded networks, including BET, Bravo, Lifetime, MTV, OWN, TBS, and TNT, are available on Hulu.

Hulu’s ambitions for ad support

  • The cost of a Hulu package with advertisements for one month is $6.99.
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Without Hulu’s planned ad-supported model

  • The $12.99/month Hulu option for ad-free television shows and movies is now available.

Hulu Live Now

  • Hulu Live is now available at $69.99 per month.

Devices that let you use Hulu

Mobile-  Android, iPhone, tablets.

Gaming Consoles-PS3, PS4, PS5

Smart TV- Samsung Smart TV, LG Smart TV, Apple TV, Android TV, and Fire TV.

2. Watch Oldboy 2003 on Netflix 

A platform where users may view movies and web series is offered by the subscription-based streaming service Netflix. You can watch Oldboy 2003 right here on Netflix. You may download your favorite episodes from Netflix and view them offline in addition to connecting Netflix to your devices.

where to watch oldboy

Oscar Movies, India News National, and several other channels are linked to it. if you’re interested in purchasing a membership for it.

  • $9.99 per month for Basic memberships.
  • $15.99 per month for Standard memberships.
  • $19.99 monthly for Premium memberships

Devices that support Netflix

You may watch Netflix on a wide variety of devices. They include Windows, Macbooks, Android phones, Smart TVs, game consoles, iPhones, iPads, and many more.

3. Watch Oldboy 2003 on Amazon Prime Video

One of the top OTT streaming services is Amazon Prime Video. The films and web series that are created by Amazon Studios or granted a license to Amazon are shown on this platform as Amazon Originals. Oldboy 2003 is available on Amazon Prime Video.

where to watch oldboy

A&E Crime Central, BBC Central, BET+, NBA League Pass, PBS Kids, PBS Living, and several other channels are available through Amazon Prime. You can select any of the options to receive an Amazon Prime Video subscription.

  • The cost of a Prime membership will range from $13 to $15 per month.
  • The cost of a Prime membership will range from $119 to $139 per year.
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Accessible devices for Amazon Prime Video

You must be pleased to learn that you can access Amazon Prime Video on so many devices as it is your preferred streaming platform. Apple TV, Android smartphones, Nvidia Shield, BT TV set-top boxes, iPads, iPhones, Macbooks, and many other gadgets are on the list.


A Conclusion

You can better choose where to watch Oldboy 2003 by using the information in the article mentioned above. Please let us know in the comments on whatever platform you plan to watch Oldboy 2003.

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