Tingle Dating App: Every Thing You Need To Know In 2022


Tingle Dating

You’ve undoubtedly downloaded at least one dating app if you’re single and have a smartphone.

If you’re a woman, on the other hand, you may have been instantly turned off after receiving one too many messages from possible mates who seemed to just care about one thing. You eventually barred individuals from messaging you or even changed your phone number.

Then there’s the concept of broadcasting your present location with the rest of the user base, which might make you feel worried or uncomfortable if you’re not seeking to meet up right now.

Maybe you just haven’t discovered the ideal dating app for you yet.

Thanks to the dating app Tingle, you may still locate other individuals in your area without having to give your precise address or details.

Tingle is a dating app that allows people to “meet” matches and then communicate, call, and even video chat with them straight in the app. It was only released in the United States a week ago after enjoying success in Canada and the United Kingdom. As a result, you won’t have to reveal your digits until your first genuine date.

Users swipe up to like profiles and swipe down to hate them, similar to how Tinder works. The user’s name, age, proximity to you, and a quote are all included in their profiles. To see additional photographs, the viewer may swipe left or right.

If this app sounds a lot like Tinder, you should know that Tingle is two years older than the famous dating app. However, Ian Bell, the app’s creator, stated that there is “certainly some inspiration here, and it goes beyond the name.”

“We picked the term because a nice date, or the prospect of one, produces a distinct sensation that some people call a tingling, while others call butterflies in their stomach,” Bell said to Tech Times. “Tingle is made to give you that feeling, and it’s a lot quicker to enter into your phone than butterfliesinmystomach.com.”

Tingle, other than the identical name and swiping function, could not be more unlike.

This dating app includes a unique function called Radar that identifies matches that are near each other and sends a warning to both users without exposing their actual position, adding an added layer of protection.

When two individuals are matched, they may start conversing in the inbox right away. Because of the app’s disposable messaging, users may share intimate experiences without worrying about their secrets being revealed.

Are you pleased with the way your talks are progressing? You may then have a real-time voice or video conversation with your match.

“Depending on the situation, there are two ways to look at this: if there’s someone you’re not sure about, a phone call or video chat will allow you to quickly ascertain who they really are and avoid meeting them offline altogether; on the other hand, if there’s someone you’re quite interested in, you can build a stronger bond prior to the meeting using voice/video and you’ll be past all the awkward stuff when you do meet,” Bell said.

If you eventually discover that this isn’t working out, you won’t have to worry about someone attempting to contact you again because your personal information, such as your phone number, was never given to them.

Tingle also has a “Teleport” function that lets users visually go to other cities in order to discover possible partners. This might be an excellent approach to meet new people in the location where you will be spending your summer vacation.

To teleport on the app, users must first click on the aircraft icon, turn on the feature, and then enter the location they wish to travel to. They’ll be shown matches in that area after that.

Bell, who is claimed to have gone on 300 first dates before meeting his wife, declared that the dating system was broken and embarked on a quest to correct it.


“Dating sites and apps provide cold data and are inconvenient to use,” he remarked. “Telephone dating (chat lines) used to be a lot of fun, but you have no idea who you’re talking to and what they look like. So when I was building Tingle, I wanted to blend the old-school fun, immediacy, and intimacy of chat lines with the visual cues of dating sites and the convenience of apps.”

Tingle gives you that sense of security while also exposing yourself to the current dating scene.

Tingle is a free app that can be downloaded for iOS and Android.

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