What Is 25th Island of Greece Meaning: Explanation of the Meme and Its Origin


The name Amorgos, which sounds similar to Among Us, is the reason why the 25th Island of Greece has become a meme.

Every month, a new social media meme develops that asks you to Google something. ‘Why were chainsaws invented?’ is one among the most common. ‘Which dinosaur has the most teeth?’ There’s a new one to add to the mix now. The latest meme, which is trending on Twitter, urges people to figure out what the ’25th island of Greece’ is.

The 25th Island Of Greece

Based on its size, Amorgos is rated 25th among Greek islands. The meme’s name is “Amorgos.” It’s supposed to be a play on the most popular game’s title, “Among Us.”

The meme challenges people to figure out what Greece’s 25th island is, but why? Allow me to explain. Every month, a new meme arises on social media, pleading with Google to do something.

‘Why do we dread chains?’ is one of the most well-known. ‘What are chains? What are chains?’ ‘Which dinosaur has the most teeth?’ and ‘Which dinosaur has the most teeth?’ Teeth? ‘Do you have any teeth?’ Now it’s time to introduce something fresh.

A new meme has gone popular on Twitter, asking people to figure out what the ’25th island of Greece’ is.

What is the name of the 25th Greek island? What makes it so amusing? Let’s have a look.

Despite the fact that it was published in 2018, “Among Us” took the world by storm last spring. Those who were imprisoned and enslaved searched for new games to pass the time, and they’re still popular today. A squad of spacemen performs low-level activities while flying around a rocket ship.

25th Island of Greece

Despite this, there was a guest among the crew who was hell-bent on destroying the ship’s and crew’s safety. If a player dies, it affects the entire team, which may be made up of strangers from all over the world. Then vote for the person who believes the imposter.

By flying under the radar or criticizing another player, the cheater should strive to fool the entire squad. This continues until the fraudster is discovered to have been elected to the ship or until all of the other crew members have been slain.


If you’ve been on Twitter or other social media sites like TikTok or Instagram recently, you’ve probably seen that everyone is talking about ‘Greece’s 25th island.’

25th Island of Greece

There are 6,000 islands in Greece, 227 of which are inhabited, so why is the 25th island getting so much attention?

That’s all part of a popular meme in which you’re meant to look up the name of Greece’s 25th island on the internet.

When you Google ’25th island of Greece,’ you’ll get an island name, which social media users find amusing.

Because it sounds like “Among Us,” the term Amorgos has become popular.

The game was released in 2018, but it became viral last spring when people in quarantine and lockdown were seeking new games and activities to pass the time, and it is still going strong today.

Spacemen wander about a rocket ship performing mundane duties throughout the game. However, within the crew is an impostor who intends to damage the ship’s safety and murder the crew members.

When a player dies, the whole group, which may include strangers from all over the world, comes together to discuss who the impostor is and then votes them out.

The imposter must deceive the rest of the group by evading detection or by blaming another member.


If you Googled that query, you’d find out that the Cyclades island of Amorgos is Greece’s 25th island. You know what Greece’s 25th island is, but you’re still perplexed, right? Don’t worry, you are not alone in feeling this way.

How did ‘Amorgos’ become so well-known on social media?

Numerous individuals believe that “Amorgos” means “among us.”

The ’25th Island of Greece’ joke has gone viral as a result of people associating the name ‘Amorgos’ with ‘Among Us.’ Among Us, an online multiplayer game produced by American gaming company Innersloth is a popular game for kids right now. Even if the two terms don’t sound precisely identical, fans of the game Among Us find the pun amusing.

Why is Amorgos, Greece’s 25th island, so popular right now?

Regardless of how it was presented in 2018, “Among Us” became a worldwide phenomenon in the spring of 2018. The people who were imprisoned and held captive looked for new games to play to unwind and relieve their boredom, and these games are still popular today. A crew of astronauts whizzes around a rocket ship, doing low-level drills on the planet’s outer layer.

25th Island of Greece

Regardless, there was one traveler on the team who was not willing to put the safety of the boat and the other passengers and members of the group in danger. When a player kicks the bucket, the entire group is affected, which might include people from all over the world. Then have a discussion on who trusts the faker and whether or not the choice is in their favor.

To deceive the entire group, the thief should try to blend in by going unnoticed or examining a single coworker. This continues until either the fraudster is discovered to have been selected for the boat or the person has killed all of the members of the group.


Spacemen wander around rocket transport in the game, completing repetitious tasks as they go. However, there is a phony member of the squad who intends to endanger the boat’s safety by murdering team members in order to get near enough to the boat.

After each participant has died, the entire group, which may include people from all around the world, comes together to discuss who the faker is and then eliminates them. For each player’s passage, this exchange is rehashed.


The fake should deceive the rest of the posse by slipping past the radar or blaming another section for their actions.

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