What to Do Before and After Laser Eye Surgery


Getting ready to have laser eye surgery can feel like more of a stressful event than it actually is. Despite the procedure being extremely quick and simple, people are still uneasy about it. By focusing on what you can do before and after the surgery, you can take your mind off these worries and make sure the results are perfect.

Talk to People Who Have Had the Treatment

If you’re struggling to decide if you even want to think about getting laser eye surgery, it’s a good idea to talk to people who have already had it done. Let them share their experiences and give advice to help you make up your mind with more information. Ask questions so you can feel better prepared for talking to the consultant during the assessment.

Attend an Initial Assessment

Some people who would like to receive laser eye surgery aren’t suitable candidates for it. An initial consultation with a specialist will help you figure out if it’s something that you can have. If you’re approved for the treatment, you may be instructed to stop wearing your contact lenses for a few weeks before your surgery to allow your corneas to return to their usual shape. There will be other requirements which are detailed further below.

Make an Appointment for the Surgery

Once you’ve been approved at your consultation, the surgery will arrange a time for your treatment. It’s a short procedure that only takes a couple of minutes to perform. When you arrange your appointment for LASIK surgery Adelaide, they’ll give you detailed instructions about what to do in advance of the day. Here are a few tips that laser eye surgery patients found useful before their surgery:

  • To keep your entire body hydrated, drink water;
  • Avoid drinking dehydrating liquids like alcohol or coffee;
  • Take eye drops if directed;
  • Stop wearing contact lenses;
  • Don’t wear cosmetics or fragrances.

If you have additional and specific requirements to do with your medical history, your treatment team will inform you of any other important steps to take ahead of the surgery. It is essential that you’re completely transparent about your medical information for your own health and safety.

Prepare for the Recovery Process

Your eyes will be sensitive immediately after the surgery and you’ll need to wear protective shades that keep the sunlight from causing damage to them. They may also be slightly irritated or itchy so your surgeon might give you some eye drops to administer as needed. Some people prefer to give themselves a couple of days’ rest after the procedure, but others are able to return to their schedules as normal almost immediately. It all depends on the severity of your discomfort.

Take Care of Your Eyes

After all the hard work and money that goes into getting laser surgery, it’s important to take good care of your eyes once the treatment is complete. You can protect your eyes in their new corrected state by eating healthily, staying active, quitting smoking, avoiding sun exposure, and being careful about straining your eyes. Now that you’ve invested in your eyes, it’s time to enjoy the perks for years to come.

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