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You need to know what Feather Fall 5s genuinely is before making a choice on the odd laws of Feather Fall 5e Dnd. One of the unusual spells that the characters can employ is called Feather Fall, which should first confound them due to its conflicting features. The rule book states that when a feather fall occurs, a player would drop 10 feet every round. According to the rules, a character with a speed of 30 feet would need to descend the whole distance over the course of three rounds.

However, it has been determined via several tests that the real falling speed is far quicker than 10 feet each round. The rules provision is invalid due to these inconsistencies. The rule of 10 feet every round, nevertheless, can also apply to characters who are walking or running rather than those who are falling. In conclusion, there is too much ambiguity and uncertainty to draw any firm conclusions.

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There is a good probability that the Feather Fall 5e DnD rules will clarify this ambiguity. So let’s go straight into the established regulations without further ado.

Feather Fall 5e DnD

Role-playing game A spell called FeatherFall 5e is used to cast a sleeping spell on an object or creature. It is created when a thing or a creature falls.

feather fall 5e

A caster is more likely to make errors since so many animals have wings. He probably has the ability to use magic on someone else. However, the Feather Fall spell (5e) guarantees their protection, which might be deadly. You do not have an edge over gravity because of this.

Consider the scenario where a moving item is the target of a Feather Fall spell. The item will slow down as a result, but not halt.

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“Until the spell expires, Feather Fall 5e’s falling creature descent rate drops to 60 feet each round.” It implies that regardless of its real speed, a feather fall cast slows to 60 feet each round when it is made. Until the spell expires, it will plummet at the same rate.

feather fall 5e

The object falls faster than normal when a spell is performed on it, even when it is already falling with a less-than-60-foot-per-second velocity. If a creature drops before the spell expires, the falling damage is not dealt. It enables the animal to touch down on its feet.

Casting  1 reaction (Taken when you or a creature falls within 60 feet)
Range 60 Feet
Components V M(tiny feather)
Duration 1 minute
Classes  Sorcerer, Bard, Wizard

Feather Fall 5e: Can You Use It On Yourself?

Fortunately, using Feather Fall 5e on yourself is entirely acceptable. From any height, you may lower yourself softly and quietly.

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Can Any Type Of Fall Be Used With Feather Fall 5e?

Any type of horizontal or vertical movement works flawlessly with Dnd Feather Fall 5e. It is not intended for a diagonal movement, though.

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What is a Character’s Feather Speed in Fall 5e?

When employing a Feather Fall, a character’s movement speed is roughly half that of their typical pace. While falling, a character can also launch a normal attack or cast a spell.

How Long Does It Take for the Effect of a Feather Fall to Dissipate?

If a character leaps or is left in the air, the effect of a Feather Fall lasts only as long as the character remains in the air.

feather fall 5e

A Conclusion

Feather Fall in DnD 5e is a fantastic spell that can draw any monster or creature to the ground. When a creature that is afflicted absorbs damage from any source, the spell also ceases. If you can catch anything in order to contact the ground before falling, the effect of the feather fall is negated.


It does have some odd regulations, though. Read it over, try it on, and don’t forget to comment below. How you utilised this spell to its fullest would be much appreciated.

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