Selling Your New Product Online


Do you have a product that you have created and believe could be a huge success? You want to make it available to the public, but trying to flog it from a stall at the local market, or selling it via traditional brick-and-mortar stores just isn’t feasible, you want to be able to produce and sell directly from your home workshop. At one time that may have been impossible, but that’s no longer the case thanks to the power of the internet. Your product will be able to reach millions of potential purchasers to the point where you will have to ramp up production to meet the demand!

Now that you have decided to proceed you are going to want to enlist the help of logistics experts who can provide warehousing, shipping, inventory management, and so much more. Look no further than TecDis specialist logistics company, they can provide everything you need to ensure your business is a smashing success from start to finish!

I’m going to assume you have your special product in mind already, so let’s move forward. First up is your business and product’s name. Search it to see if it’s taken, and adjust accordingly. Once you have decided on a name, buy it as an online domain, preferably with more than one suffix, dot com and dot biz are good ones to start with.

Next up, you need a smart, clean-looking logo that’s easy to recognize and remember! If you are artistic go it alone, but it might be a good idea to seek some pro help and hire a designer, it’s that important!

Now you will need quality photos of your product. We recommend you stage your product against a white background so it pops out, but feel free to be creative. If your product comes from nature, put it on a bed of leaves, if it’s a food product then use kitchen tiles. The main thing is your customers can clearly see what it is, and that it entices them to try it!

It’s time to design your website. Once again, you can go it alone with a DIY site builder, or hire a professional to put it together. The main thing is your site clearly promotes your product by giving potential customers the information they want to know, and then making it easy to buy. You will likely partner with a vending platform service for the latter, it’s extremely important to do some research before you make a deal.

Next up is the packaging. You want your product to be safely wrapped but don’t overdo it as that adds excess weight. Try several different styles of boxes and weigh them all, then run some ‘drop tests’ to make sure they hold together, particularly if your product is fragile. Congratulations, you are ready to ship!

In the UK make sure to check out this very helpful government website for info on business and being self-employed.

Good luck with your new product!

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